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Your Source for Hundreds of Easy Fundraising Ideas

Custom fundraisers generate more money at higher profits.  Now you can meet your fundraising goals faster by selling less items that people will actually find useful!

Easy fundraisers with high profits for schools, sports teams, nonprofits, and marching bands

We are experts in creating big money fundraising ideas

Are you looking for a new and exciting way to fundraise for your school, sports team, nonprofit, or band? Well, provides plenty of options.  Here you can find over 36 fundraising items for each category below.  We customize all your spirit wear using your logo, your colors, your motto!  

We've been  working with many schools and realize that fundraising is challenging and time consuming.  That's why we have identified to top 6 fundraising ideas for schools, sports, music departments, and nonprofit organizations.  We want to bring true value to fundraisers everywhere. There's no better way to raise awareness and raise the money you need to meet your goals!

Our Most Popular Fundraisers


Fundraisers with Proven High Profit Results

“The kids were so excited to fundraise with something other than cookies.  We were so glad to use  The school and parents loved the scarves they made for us.”

-Madison Riley

Elementary School PTA

“The designer was so easy to work with and their quality is top notch! Love them!!

Our athletic department sold neck gaiter beanies and made over $1,200 in profits!”

- Jody Mick

High School

"Each student in our marching band sold only 5 scarves each, and we made over $4,400 in profits!  The parents and students use them all the time.”

-Carlo Santi

Band Director

Custom Design, Unlimited HD Colors, No Set Up Fees

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