High School Fundraisers and Spirit Items

Six Ways to Raise Money for High Schools



High school fundraising becomes a bit easier for students and program directors because they are more focused achieving goals for a specific mission they are part of.  Fundraising for sports, trips and extracurricular activities become very important, so Score More Funds helps in making a splash with spirit gear that helps build awareness and raise money.  Through the years we've worked with many high schools and have compiled the top 6 best fundraising ideas here.

High schoolers want quick fundraisers that they can easily sell, so they don't waste time selling 1,ooo chocolate bars  for $500 profits.  With Score More Funds you could sell a lot less items for much more profit.  For example, if you sell 1,000 custom scarves, you make $11,000 in profit!  Fundraise with something people will actually use and something that yields higher profits.  Take a look below to learn about the top 6 fundraising ideas for high schools.  Pick your item, choose a design, send us your logo, and we will provide you with a FREE quote and a FREE visual proof!  It's that easy!

High School Fundraisers–  Profitable fundraiser, 6 great ideas


To get started, simple choose your items and pick a pre-designed template.  

Our designers will add your logo, colors, name and info, and give you a free visual proof.  

Use the proof to take pre-orders, so that you can order just what you need!

Customize Yours for Free, Today!

Customized for your school

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Customized for your school

Only $5

50% Profits!

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Fully customized for 

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