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Fundraisers and Spirit Items for Music Departments

6 Easy Fundraisers for Marching Bands




High school music fundraisers are so important for every school program that they take place multiple time per year.  Wether you are a marching band, a choir, or an orchestra, you need a high profit and easy fundraiser.  Consider doing one of our top 6 ways to raise money for your program.  Music programs have a variety of expenses, from travel costs, to uniforms, they prepare all year for multiple events, so stop spending so much time on low volume fundraisers like popcorn sales.  Consider doing a fundraiser that delivers profits over 50%, but also be sure they deliver a good return per item sold.  In other words, why fuss with the labor of selling 100 chocolate bars at $1 a piece for $50?

Instead offer customized products such as custom scarves or car flags that people will actually find value in.  These fundraising ideas are simple with a high return, so now if you sell 100 scarves you can make up to $1,500!  Selling just 50 car flags will net the team at least $350 profits and boost team pride.  Through the years we've worked with a variety of high school bands going to national parades such as the Rose Parade and Capitals Parade and have helped them raise top money with our 6 best fundraising ideas right here

Simply pick your item, choose a design layout, and send us your logo.  Our designers will send you a free visual proof and quote.  It's that easy!

Music Fundraisers– Set up a profitable fundraiser, 6 top profit ideas

Marching Band Fundraisers

To get started, simple choose your items and pick a pre-designed template.  

Our designers will add your logo, colors, name and info, and give you a free visual proof.  

Use that to take pre-orders, so you order from us just what you need!

Customize Yours for Free, Today!
Fine Arts Pop UP.png

Customized for your school

Only $5

50% Profits!

Green Cooling Towel Pic.png

Customized for your school

Only $5

50% Profits!

Velvet Scarf Music Model A.png
Velvet Scarf Music Model A.png

Fully customized for 

Only $9

50- 64% Profits!

Marching Band Car Flag.png

Customized for your school

Only $7

53% Profits!


Fully Customized Pairs

Only $10

50-60% Profits!

Marching Band.png

Customized for your school

Only $1.50

70% Profits!

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