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Six Ways to Raise Money for Club Baseball




Fundraising for club, academy, or select sport teams is a must.  The older the player gets, the more expenses parents will experience.  At this level players are committed to see things through and that includes raising money.  Sports team have league fees, travel tournaments, uniform costs and coaching dues to name a few expenses.  So when you look for a fundraiser you want to make sure you sell something not only with profits of over 50%, but also be sure they deliver a good return per item sold.  In other words, why fuss with the labor of selling 100 chocolate bars at $1 a piece for $50?

Instead offer customized products such as scarves or car flags that people will actually find value in.  These fundraising ideas are simple with a high return, so now if you sell 100 scarves you can make up to $1,500!  Selling just 50 car flags will net the team at least $350 profits and boost team pride.  Through the years we've worked with a variety of sports teams from football, to soccer, to hockey and volleyball and we have compile the top 6 best fundraising ideas right here

Simply pick your item, choose a design layout, and send us your logo.  Our designers will send you a free visual proof and quote.  It's that easy!

Sport Teams Fundraisers– Set up a profitable fundraiser, 6 top profit ideas


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