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Middle school fundraising is tough because students have a lot more going on with sports and extracurricular activities.  However, a good money making fundraiser is critical to many of the extra programs students are involved with.  We've identified the top 6 best fundraising ideas here.

Why hassle with selling and dealing with frozen cookie dough fundraisers?  You won't find cookies, discount cards, or popcorn in our top 36 fundraisers.  Why? Because parents, students, and program coordinators want something new and exciting to sell.  Also, they wanted something that people actually want and something that yields higher profits.  We've identified the top 6 fundraising ideas for middle schools.  Pick your item, choose a design, send us your logo, and we will provide you with a FREE quote and a FREE visual proof!  We make it that easy!

Middle School Fundraisers– Learn how to make profitable fundraisers


To get started, simple choose your items and pick a pre-designed template.  

Our designers will add your logo, colors, name and info, and give you a free visual proof.  

Use the proof to take pre-orders, so that you can order just what you need!

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Customized for your school

Only $5

50% Profits!

Customized for your school

Only $5

50% Profits!

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Fully customized for 

Only $8

50- 60% Profits!

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Customized for your school

Only $2.50

50% Profits!

Fully Customized Pairs

Only $10

50-60% Profits!

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Customized for your school

Only $1.50

70% Profits!